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Electricity generation is a leading source of green house gases, and new ways of reducing carbon emissions are consistently being developed. However, despite the best efforts of engineers across the world, the most environmentally friendly method of baseload renewable power generation is still very similar to when it was first introduced, more than 150 years ago.

Run of River (ROR) hydropower requires no dams. Instead, weirs are used to extract a percentage of the river flow, which is then conveyed downstream by a pipeline, before re-joining the river. No pollutants are introduced, and no CO2 released during operation. Considerately designed ROR hydro schemes can blend into a landscape, becoming almost invisible, whilst generating power in a way that helps to preserve the natural beauty which surrounds them.

Hydropower systems use the energy in flowing water to produce electricity or mechanical energy. The water flows via channel or penstock to a turbine where potential energy is converted into movement. When generating electricity, the rotating shaft of the turbine powers an alternator of generator, which can then be connected to the power grid, or even directly to nearby homes. The advantages of hydropower systems are outlined below;

  1. Hydropower has an almost ten-fold greater energy payback ratio than any other generating technology. It is the overwhelming winner by this criterion.
  2. Small hydro schemes have minimal visual impact on their surrounding environment.
  3. The best efficiency of any current energy generation method, and by far the best of any renewable energy source (70 - 90%).
  4. A high capacity factor compared with solar and wind.
  5. A high level of predictability, varying with annual rainfall patterns.
  6. Slow rate of change; the output power varies only gradually from day to day (not from minute to minute).
  7. It is a long-lasting and robust technology; systems can readily be engineered to last for 50 years or more.
  8. Hydroelectric energy has no fuel cost and with low operating and maintenance costs, it is essentially inflation proof.

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